Appointment Requirements and Inquiries

  • All appointments will be scheduled to start at 9am. I finish all appointments at 2:00 pm.

  • Rates:

    $500 Half Day (Anything from 2.5 hours and below) This is my minimum per session.

    $1000 Full Day (The full 5 hours I work)

    (Anything in between will fall under $200 an hour. Also keep in mind that everything done in the shop during the entire process is considered work. Making and preparing the stencil, to the actual process of tattoo, so everything is included in the time/rate of the work, not just the tattoo time.)

  • I cannot determine a rough estimate of how long your tattoo will take or how much it will cost. That all depends on how well you sit. Best way to go about it is knowing that minimum your tattoo will be $500 and being that I only work 5 hour days, the max can only be $1000. So plan accordingly.

  • $100 Non-Refundable deposit required to book. The deposit is forfeited if canceled/rescheduled 48 hours before appointment.

  • Paypal/Cash/Venmo/Cash App (If Paypal is used, must be sent as friends or family/Personal. Not sent as a Goods/Services. Please double check!)

  • I do not work on/ finish/ or fix other artists work.

  • Your Design will be shown the day of tattoo.

  • All designs and compositions will be made at my discretion and will not be "tweaked" by client once the idea is briefed over. As an artist, I am very honored that you chose me for your tattoo, and I work a certain way to make sure that you leave with the best work that I can Do, with that being said, I require artistic freedom to insure that I am giving you the best work.

  • If not happy with design, we will reschedule appointment to the end of my booking period.

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